Friday, February 18, 2011

Lunch @ Forrest Gump

We was in the Forrest with Gump.... So it's Forrest Gump. What am I writing. Gone crazy and don't know what to update.
Another lunch time in Bubba Gump. Check out our menu.

Yogurt Drink with ice cream.

Onion Ring... this is better then A&W.

3/4 of prawns. Damn good and mix with 2 flavor, garlic and spicy.

Spaghetti with allot of shrimps.

After the lunch, I was damn full. A timer shoot was done. Look at us.....

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Friendschino Birthday Dinner

It is the birthday dinner for the three musketeers.....!!! Hahaha... First is Wei, second is CYC and the third is Eugene.
We went to this new cafe called Friendschino (previously known as friendster cafe) for dinner. We had allot of fun there too.

The first thing we ordered..... Come get some....

So fast she grab one and drink. She can't wait for us..


Chicken Wing.

Chicken Chop.

Mix Fried.

Fish and Chips??

Salmon Fish.

Seafood Spaghetti.

Beef Fettucini Alfredo.

Everybody busy eatting.

See, it's drinking time.

Again with the same position now with Seong.

What is he thinking??

Look at the monkey..!!!

He is looking at something...

She is happy with her drink.

We are in the shoot.

Nice couple.

Another nice couple... Lol...!!

Cheers..!!! The blackberry group.

Yeah...!!! The winner gets Rayson....!!! (Standing behind)

The ladies group, they can drink....

The guys group... Look at them, so man....

So now it's game time.... Remember this best ever game when we were young?

Look at them...

Good work.

Slow, slow....

Don't poke that....

Steady, steady....

Cannot make it already...

Finally, HAPPY BIRTHDAY..!!!!