Sunday, December 25, 2011

ROM day (Registration Of Marriage)

A day that makes me take more responsibility about our life and future. We will be joining as one.

While waiting for our number to be called, this is what happened... Let's enjoy the ROM between me and Wei Yee and our family's and friends.

Edmond & Wei Yee ROM from EDyew on Vimeo.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Our Wedding Preview

It have been months for our wedding preparation and finally it is over with joy and excitement. It have been a very busy month. As the day came closer and closer, we got busy and busy. There is so many things to get prepare with.

Wedding is not an easy thing, there is so many things you need to go with. Some people they end up fighting with something and some end up with a bad preparation. We were lucky that we made it right as there is so many support from our family and friends.

Please do enjoy our short film prepared by #Filming Art.

Edmond & Wei Yee SDE from Filming Art Cinematography on Vimeo.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Remember Steve

A creative genius, R.I.P Steve Jobs.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Hong Kong Waffle

It was the day travel to Tsum Sah Tsui. Getting out from the MTR station and we start walking. Going up and down along the streets and we smell something nice. It is Waffle..!!! In Hong Kong they are called "grid cake" (格仔餅).

It is just along the road while we are window shopping.

You can see so many Hong Kong celebrity came here before. They even sell curry fish ball. One of the famous in Hong Kong too.

More celebrity and the price.

It is a small stall but they are selling like hot cakes.

The oven.

The stall name.

She loves it very much..

Sorry guys, i do not have the address. But the shop is located in Tsum Sah Tsui. When you get down from the MTR, walk along Park Lane and the shop is opposite Park Lane. Guys, you need to walk. I forgot how far.

Monday, June 27, 2011

The Day In Macau

Finally Macau is here. Previous post was just the way to Macau and now here is the view, the place, the casino, the winner, the happenest of all time...
Check out guys.

After when we get out from the boat, here we are...

Nice castle with old look...

A small pond I can say.

Look at this big guy... wana get down and touch the fish.


A little portrait that I did,

Window post.

Yes, it's me sitting down.

The water fall.... hahaha...

Sweet photo... haha.. I guess someone going to kill me...

Side by side.

Beside the see..... Sunny..!!!

Just resting below the bug tree.

The big building.

It's the Macau street.

Another look at the street.

What happened there... People are gathering.

Look at the sign, I don't know what it says.

The walk way.

Can you spot Starbucks?

The Holy place.

This is the Ruins of St. Paul's, Sao Paulo Cathedral.

Yes, we are here.

Look at our shoes... there are tired too....

Cool looking police man giving me a good shoot.

An old door.

Another casino.

Here comes the sun down. Check out the view.

Hope the pictures show allot of view.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Macau Time.

After going few places around, it is time to crossover the sea to Macau. This is the place which is full of casino. Anyone up for a game?

It's a sunny morning. Coming out form the hotel we stay, laying in front a classic pink wedding car.

Looks like the classic cab.

Moving on to the MTR. It's about everyday we use it. It is the most convenient public transport in Hong Kong.

It's the walk way.

Just out from Central Station.

On our way to the boat terminal.

A fire department.

We have reached. Let's go catch the boat. You can even see what colour t-shirt i'm wearing.

Check out the view.

Off from Hong Kong and heading to Macau.

It took around an hour to reach our destination. Sitting doing nothing, chatting, looking around and this and that. Finally we have reached.

Look at the Welcome sign.

Shutter bus every where to hotel all around.

The Macau bridge.

An old castle.

  Macau Taxi.

Stay on with me and more photos will be update soon.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hong Kong Disney Land

Another round of fun land, the kid's dreamland.What else can you think of? Yah, I have written on the title, it's the Disney Land....!!!

The entrance. It's also a sunny day out there.

Going in soon...

The surfing Mickey.

The Minnie.... Hahaha...

The Disney Castle.

The shops...

The cute couple... hahaha....

The Magic Mickey..!!!

High School Musical show on the road...

Look at the girls....

Ready for a shoot....

The Star Liner... It's fast and dark in there.

We are in... Not that much people compare with Japan Disney.

Let's go for a race.....

She is driving...

Don't play with water....

It is just nice....

I'm tired. I need a place to seat.

Got a nice picture with Minnie Mouse...!!!

So, a few test shoot was done... What do you think?

I guess I could do it better.

Check out the near shoot....

Then the far one....

And this too.... any comment?

Waa hahahaha... Mickey have cooked by us..!!! Let's eat.....

Come on, don't sit on the floor... we still need to go.

It is the night look of the castle.

Before going off, another shoot of the castle.

More to come... keep holding on....