Thursday, December 24, 2009


What makes me crazy about Japan? Of cause not the girls, is actually the places and the culture there. What more, fashion and design, gadget and technology's, I can tell you that I like them all.... lol..

Peop;e, let me bring you to a fun place where kids and adults enjoyed going there.


Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Luna bar

It is a wet wet day. Rain have been poring like every evening & night.

After the sad cloud ran away, here comes a great evening. Clear sky with great view.

It is the Luna night, where great people is everywhere hanging around with a drink.

The bar.

Let's wish her, Happy Birthday Cindy!

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Friday, December 18, 2009

Happy 11th Anniversary Starbucks

It's time again for a free cup of nice coffee from Statbucks.

I have been waiting since I reach office at 8 something in the morning. Drums been going around my stomach with joy.

Finally it's 11am and I can smell the power of coffee. Something came accross my mind.

Here is my Cup of hot coffee from Starbucks. Happy 11th Anniversary

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ipoh Food Hunt Trip

There is still more food to go since after the Penang food hunt. Have you enjoyed the food there? Did you go there for any holiday? Let me start with Ipoh now.

It was our breakfast before going to Penang. Recently an advertisement from radio keeps saying the famous mee in Ipoh. They call it the "Hor Hee." So I bring my gal and friends along to try this mee in Ipoh.

"Hor Hee" I like this mee very much.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My Sister's Birthday

Birthday, what comes into your mind? Party, allot of people, having fun, food, cakes, presents and many more. Yes, it is my little sister's birthday today. As usual we did our dinner, give present and have a good time. What else?

Yap, the birthday cake. Suggestion from my girl saying "let's buy something different." We bought a cake but it is a cup cake. Not one but a box full of it...

Few sample of the cup cakes.

Seams allot right...

It is made by WONDERMILK.

The environment is nice and quiet. The shop is located in Up Town PJ.

The cupcakes.

The cafe.

+wondermilk shop & cafe
no.41, ss21/1A,
damansara uptown,
damansara utama,
47400 petaling jaya

click on the map above for a larger version.
if you need help with directions, please call them at 03-77258930
(between 9am to 6pm)

By the way guys, perhaps we could have coffee here sometime.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The New Perodua Alza

After work, walking around and buying some nice and yummy egg tart at Sri Petaling. While walking I bump into a Perodua show room and I saw the new Perodua Alza.

The car look nice with spoiler and skirting. Seams to be nothing much different comparing with Passo Sette. Look at the women, she is amaze by the car. Allot of people were there looking around and trying on the new model.

Here is the side view of the new model.

Finally here is the butt of the car. Is it a Myvi??

Go get your new car if you are interested in any Perodua show room right now.

Monday, November 16, 2009

The Cave @ SS2 PJ

It here, the month of the birthday. I have been searching around and round for a nice quiet dinner with my little gal. Then finally it comes to my mind where there is one place I have not been there before. So I call them and made a reservation for two.

The place is called "The Cave"

Monday, November 9, 2009

DaMaCai Gold Ru$h

DaMaCai is out again with the latest contest call "The Gold Rush." In the event of this, customers need to purchase an Insurance Box Number with a minimum amount of RM10 and the customers will entitle to have a entry form. Customer can submit as many contest forms as they like. Hurry up..!! Go grab it...!!

Digi RoadShow

It is time for my lunch. I grab my stuff and went out. While walking around carving for my lunch near to KLCC center court, I saw a very big sign with yellow in colour showing, DIGI!! I was thinking "Wow, another free phone." So I quickly walk down to have a look. So sad, no free phones....

The DIGI Road Show in KLCC center court.
Saw the big television there, is for the customers to play football game there.

Promoting the DIGI Broadband.

There is some weird characters around.
I manage to take this few shoots using my mobile phone. That is why the quality is not so good.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hard Rock Penang

After a good night stay and having a large pizza in Bay View Beach Resort, it is time for us to check out and head to Ipoh. It's a cloudy day. Before we start our journey, we realized there is a new hotel beside us, time for us to explore.

It is the Hard Rock Penang.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Caught Amber @ Lot10

Today I was in Pavilion with Adrian to seek out something's. Time flies and it is about 5pm in the evening. It's time for us to go. We need to get back to Lot 10 since we parked our car there.

While going up using the escalator, we saw a bunch of people running up and down on a stopped escalator beside us. Weird huh... Then we heard someone says "Hello". So what! Someone says hello, what is the big deal. We turn and guess what? Who we saw? Amber Chia and a bunch of models posing for a shoot. Perhaps she was not saying "hi" to us but looking around, there is not one except us. Haha...

We manage to take a shoot from Adrian's Iphone. It's not that clear since we are not standing near.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Northam Penang

Have you ever stayed in a suite before? Every suite have their own design. Concept will be the same, a small dinning hall attached with the bed room and an extremely large bath room.

This is the dinning hall.

The bad room.

The bath room.

The design and stay is similar with Gurney Hotel Suite.

Contact Information

The Northam All Suites
55, Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah
George Town,
Penang, Malaysia
Tel. No.: 604 370 1111
Fax No.: 604 370 2222

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Penang Food Hunt Trip

I was in Penang for 2 days and ready to roll out for the Food Hunt Trip. Besides the food hunt, I manage to visit some places too. Since this is a food hunt trip, nothing much that we did. Perhaps you could see the photo that I have taken and the food that I have tasted.

Wonder why I took this photo? People who travel to Penang usually use the famous Penang Bridge to cross over but not for us this time. We are using the ferry so that we could try out the old days.

This is what the ferry looks like. I'm aboard..!!!

Me and my buddy.

Try out some black and white photo. What do you think?

The first stop where we reach is the famous Chendul stall which is located in Penang Road.

Looks nice and tasty too. Not too sweet.

After finishing the chendul, we went into the coffee shop beside to try the "Asam Laksa & Fried Kuey Teow" which it is fabulous. But one thing for sure, if you want to have the chendul inside the coffee shop you need to pay extra few cents to them. I don't know why, maybe it is the business there.

After finishing, we quickly go off and it is time to check in. But wait, while walking back to the car park, we saw a small stall lying beside of the road with few people there. It has small round wok on it.

See the wok.

The Chinese call this "Dai Gaw Men"

This is thinner.

The stall in located at Jalan Kuala Kangsar.

Thumbs up!!

After that we manage to rush to Ayer Itam for another piece of "Dai Gow Men" unfortunately the stall is not there. Why we wanted to go there is becasue this stall is using "Gula Melaka" for their topping. Never mind, then we goes to this another stall to eat their "Deep Fried Po Pniah"

This is located in Ayer Itam where the famous Asam Laksa located. The stall is just located beside the sugar cane stall.

Finally the day turns dark and we are out for a dinner hunt. It has been raining since evening and everywhere is wet-wet.

Here we are, Macalister Road. It is located beside the Sunway Hotel where you will see crowded with people when it is not raining. A very big disappointment that day, the food is bad and there is nothing much for us to hunt for. Maybe because of the rainy day.

I manage to get this cup of nice cooling "Pat Pow Leong Cha" at there.

With not wasting of our time, we drive to another stall to take away a big round, tasty, juicy, cheese, pizza. Never imagine of that in Penang right?

This hawker stall is just further down from Sunway Hotel. We are still in Macalister Road and you can see it says "The Best Fire Wood Pizza" in town. I added that.

This is how the stove look like. They cook the pizza using this.

Patient my friend. Nice food need to wait.

Here is the pizza. Sorry, the larger one I did not manage to get a snap shoot out of it.

After finish eating it's time to go back hotel and sleep. Cannot imagine, damn full. In the morning we pack our staff and check out from Northam Suite and heading to Batu Feringgie for another night of stay in Bayview Beach Resort.

Come to the afternoon, my buddy fell hungry and ask me to accompany him for some snacks. We are kind of lazy to drive out since we are in Bayview Resort so we take a walk across the road and what; we found a nice shop called "Enca Cafe". They sell allot of western and local foods. We end up ordering few of these,

This is the "Naan Garlic" which allot of people might try before. Garlic lovers.

Papadam with nice mint sauce.

Pizza again, this is tasty too.

After finish eating, it's time for a splash. After splash what people do? Of cause, hungry. Time for another round of dinner. Dinner Time......

We head back to Macalister Road for dinner and this time the food is fabulous.

Satay Pork.

Shark Fin Egg with Fried Scallop.

Fried Kuey Teow with pork oil.

Pan Fried Stingray.

Prawn Noodle and a pizza with it.

Even finish with all of this food, we manage to get another large pizza back to the hotel for supper.

All of this picture was taken in Penang. Hope you guys enjoy seeing the food here.