Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Hong Kong Waffle

It was the day travel to Tsum Sah Tsui. Getting out from the MTR station and we start walking. Going up and down along the streets and we smell something nice. It is Waffle..!!! In Hong Kong they are called "grid cake" (格仔餅).

It is just along the road while we are window shopping.

You can see so many Hong Kong celebrity came here before. They even sell curry fish ball. One of the famous in Hong Kong too.

More celebrity and the price.

It is a small stall but they are selling like hot cakes.

The oven.

The stall name.

She loves it very much..

Sorry guys, i do not have the address. But the shop is located in Tsum Sah Tsui. When you get down from the MTR, walk along Park Lane and the shop is opposite Park Lane. Guys, you need to walk. I forgot how far.