Thursday, November 4, 2010

Christmas in KLCC

Christmas have been celebrating around the world all this years. Everyone exchange presents and share their food together.

Christmas have been the same to me since there is nothing much here in KLCC. Surprisingly there is something different this year. No more bigger tree in the middle of the center court.

The christmas house.

Wishes from the kids are published up on the christmas tree.

Is it the ginger bread man?

The christmas decoration.

Is this the present from santa?

My christmas wish this year will be:

1) A MacBook (I might be dreaming)
2) A Sony flash F58AM
3) A DSLR A550 (I might be dreaming too)
4) A long stay in JAPAN, Tokyo with my gal

Hope all my wishes come true... Marry Christmas & A Happy New Year guys!!!