Sunday, January 3, 2010

First time to Muar.

It is my first time to Muar. My friend Jack told me that there is allot of nice food around there. This time let him bring us along the road.

Early in the morning we have already arrive to Muar from K.L. When we are entering to the town, cars located everywhere. Jam, jam, jam..... again... not here!!!! Even for breakfast Muar is jam?

Muar Town.

Finally we parked our car and begin the food hunt. Look what we saw at the first stop,

Look's fresh and yummy.

While walking along, an old barber shop. I could not find this kind of shop anymore in K.L. It is classic.

Classic barber shop.

Come to the first morning breakfast, "Wan Tan Mee" look something different.

Do you find the mee something different and the "siew yoke"?

This is the chinese kuih.

Is to fried on a pan.

The Otak-Otak which is famous in town.

After all the food, we went for a walk. Looking around.

The walk way.

The old house. There is still people living in.

Yes, finaly is the last of all. The fried kuih.

There will be more coming. The next stop will be in Malacca.
So enjoy peop;e and take care.

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