Friday, October 15, 2010

Danny Choo in Town

Finally I'm back on my post. I have been lost for some time in space with many stars around me. Haha... just kidding.

Have anyone heard of Danny Choo? Yes, recently he came to Malaysia but now he is back to Japan. A popular blogger in Japan which writes about Japanese culture and Manga.

It's meet up time. Came in with a pretty Dollfie.

 See how pretty she is.

 Taking photos with the fans.

 Feel free to log in to his blog and understand the Japanese culture, places to visit and many exciting details about him.

Fans chatting around.

Fans introducing them self.

Present by one of the fans.

The section was closed due to Danny Choo meet up.

The venue was in Hutong Lot 10.

Too bad that I did not manage to take a picture with him on the first place. Surprisingly his arrival was posted in The Star Newspaper. Oh my, look at that... I'm just standing beside him. *LOL*

Thanks to The Star camera man.

He might be coming back in August.

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