Thursday, December 24, 2009


What makes me crazy about Japan? Of cause not the girls, is actually the places and the culture there. What more, fashion and design, gadget and technology's, I can tell you that I like them all.... lol..

Peop;e, let me bring you to a fun place where kids and adults enjoyed going there.


Nice and sunny day where you can see allot of people here and it is just only 9am in the morning.

Hi there Elmo...!!

You can see people everywhere. This is not the entrance but the ticket counter. Ta da..!!! Crazy huh...

Yap, that is the globe. The signature.

We got the tickets, here we go. Let's follow us peop;e....

Here is the close up of the ticket. Sad that i did not snap a photo of the ticket before entrance.

After the entrance on our left, it is the 4D studio. So sad that we did not make it. The queue almost take up an hour and a half for each ride. Yah, crazy right?

That is the E.T World. Makes you think about the old time movie. Don't you?

Spider man, spider man..... spider man, spider man..... here come's the Spider Man.

Peter Parker's Desk, where he sit.

Who wants to know about your future? Come and get a ride back to the future with us.

 Ouch..!!! Something is on my head...!!!!

Geerrrkk....!!!!!! I want to get you. Careful, don't let her bite you.

Multiple shoot. I manage to get this while the ride comes to the end.

The Jurassic Gate where dinosaurs keep in there.

Water World, they were shooting water at each other and that is how the rainbow appear.

The Stars Streets.

Star Wars Troop, is it Danny Choo in there?

Hello Kitty & Woody Woodpecker. Girls and kids love them so much.

By the way, this is my second post about Japan. There will be more coming up soon. Stay tune peop;e and get ready for the next ride.