Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ipoh Food Hunt Trip

There is still more food to go since after the Penang food hunt. Have you enjoyed the food there? Did you go there for any holiday? Let me start with Ipoh now.

It was our breakfast before going to Penang. Recently an advertisement from radio keeps saying the famous mee in Ipoh. They call it the "Hor Hee." So I bring my gal and friends along to try this mee in Ipoh.

"Hor Hee" I like this mee very much.

Beside that, we ordered the "G Cheong Fun"

After finishing, we go for a small desert which located near by.

Sorry, I did not get the look out of it. Just nearby the place where it is located. You can see, so many cars are queuing beside there. They are waiting for the shop to open.

After the Penang trip, I came back for more. This time I went to this place where people call it the "Big Tree Head."

This is the place, "Big Tree Head @ Dai Shi Tow."

These all are the fried food.

Curry Hor Fun. The Curry taste good.

The fried stuff.

Best of all is this drink. It is a fruit drink. I could not recall the name of it but it is not a dragon fruit. You can drink it with milk, it taste great too.

After lunch, head back and have a short rest. Here come's dinner.

We went to the famous Chicken rice shop. The chicken seams to be normal to me, but not the "nga choi." You can find it bigger, ticker, crisper and fresher then KL. Why? Perhaps the water here is fresher? That is why allot of people said there is allot of pretty girls living in Ipoh.

After dinner, again we went back for more rest. The next morning will be "dim sum"

We were looking forward to go to "Fu San" but in the end, it is close on Tuesday. So guys, please do not go there on Tuesday. Then we went to the next shop which is called "Yoke Fook Moon." I can tell you, they have the best "char siew pow" ever.

The "char siew pow"

Not all the din sum is shown.

After the breakfast, for sure you cannot miss, The Ipoh White Coffee.

Guys, perhaps you can enjoy this too. Take a short vacation and go with your love ones or families. Don't just stays at home watch football or go out for drink with friends. Make your self active and enjoy.

Happy Holiday!!

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