Friday, September 24, 2010

Golden Palm Tree @ Sepang Gold Coast

Finally we decided to take a day off and head to a place where it is quiet and nice. It is not far from town. Just an hour and a half to reach the destination. Check out the map below,

So we followed the map from here to here and here to left and then right and then straight and then up down and then ohhh..... we are here...

It's the Golden Palm Tree Resort.

Check out the buggies that bring us along the place.

Waiting for us and ready to go.

This is where we are and see, how far is it....

It is time to go.

To the pool side where villas are all around.

Checking out my phone and enjoying the view around me.

Nice bottle huh,,,

The bath room is facing out side the sea.

After finish resting, it's fun time.

What is this?

It is Cart Sailing time. How does this work, easy. We sit on it, wait for the strong wind and we can go. Looks easy right?
A three-wheeled craft with a wing mast offers a safer option to sailing especially for those who are not keen on getting wet. A safety belt attached and legs strapped with the appropriate head gear, cart sailing is an exhilarating sport enjoyed.

 It's time for me to play. Getting to know the functions. Here we go...

Yeah..!!! I am off....

We change side and now it is her turn.

Say hi to the camera..!!

Some new kind of experience. It is too bad that there is not much things to play. Perhaps it is too new for the resort.

It's time for another game. You all know what is this....

Pulling and pulling...

Some view from seashore.

Same view.

We found small crab but some others found......

Big crab...!!!! I guess they are going to cook it. Too bad.

Here will be some of the sunset view...

And it comes to the night view, quite and peace.

Come to the next morning, we had our breakfast and continue to get some nice view.

Pool side where people can enjoy while swimming.

This picture were overexposed but I kind of like it.

From the top of the view.

This is the bar where all drinks included alcohol drinks are bottomless. My girl is waiting for her drinks to be served.

Let's see how many drinks we had....

Welcome drink.

My cocktail.

That's all for now... Enjoy the pictures and a short video below.

For more details, you can check out the map been post on top. The number and address is there.

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