Thursday, June 2, 2011

Macau Time.

After going few places around, it is time to crossover the sea to Macau. This is the place which is full of casino. Anyone up for a game?

It's a sunny morning. Coming out form the hotel we stay, laying in front a classic pink wedding car.

Looks like the classic cab.

Moving on to the MTR. It's about everyday we use it. It is the most convenient public transport in Hong Kong.

It's the walk way.

Just out from Central Station.

On our way to the boat terminal.

A fire department.

We have reached. Let's go catch the boat. You can even see what colour t-shirt i'm wearing.

Check out the view.

Off from Hong Kong and heading to Macau.

It took around an hour to reach our destination. Sitting doing nothing, chatting, looking around and this and that. Finally we have reached.

Look at the Welcome sign.

Shutter bus every where to hotel all around.

The Macau bridge.

An old castle.

  Macau Taxi.

Stay on with me and more photos will be update soon.

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