Monday, June 27, 2011

The Day In Macau

Finally Macau is here. Previous post was just the way to Macau and now here is the view, the place, the casino, the winner, the happenest of all time...
Check out guys.

After when we get out from the boat, here we are...

Nice castle with old look...

A small pond I can say.

Look at this big guy... wana get down and touch the fish.


A little portrait that I did,

Window post.

Yes, it's me sitting down.

The water fall.... hahaha...

Sweet photo... haha.. I guess someone going to kill me...

Side by side.

Beside the see..... Sunny..!!!

Just resting below the bug tree.

The big building.

It's the Macau street.

Another look at the street.

What happened there... People are gathering.

Look at the sign, I don't know what it says.

The walk way.

Can you spot Starbucks?

The Holy place.

This is the Ruins of St. Paul's, Sao Paulo Cathedral.

Yes, we are here.

Look at our shoes... there are tired too....

Cool looking police man giving me a good shoot.

An old door.

Another casino.

Here comes the sun down. Check out the view.

Hope the pictures show allot of view.

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