Monday, November 9, 2009

DaMaCai Gold Ru$h

DaMaCai is out again with the latest contest call "The Gold Rush." In the event of this, customers need to purchase an Insurance Box Number with a minimum amount of RM10 and the customers will entitle to have a entry form. Customer can submit as many contest forms as they like. Hurry up..!! Go grab it...!!


  1. Actually is LP (Lucky Pick) Number from Computer.
    1 LP number is RM 5, then you need to Ibox for this LP Number is RM 5. Total is RM 10 only allow to submit the contest.

  2. Hi I post wrong, this is last year Gold Rush,
    for this year Gold Rush is at
    you need to click on the Gold Rush Icon.
    It start Today, and LP RM 5 + Ibox LP RM 5 = RM 10, then you will get the contest