Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My Sister's Birthday

Birthday, what comes into your mind? Party, allot of people, having fun, food, cakes, presents and many more. Yes, it is my little sister's birthday today. As usual we did our dinner, give present and have a good time. What else?

Yap, the birthday cake. Suggestion from my girl saying "let's buy something different." We bought a cake but it is a cup cake. Not one but a box full of it...

Few sample of the cup cakes.

Seams allot right...

It is made by WONDERMILK.

The environment is nice and quiet. The shop is located in Up Town PJ.

The cupcakes.

The cafe.

+wondermilk shop & cafe
no.41, ss21/1A,
damansara uptown,
damansara utama,
47400 petaling jaya

click on the map above for a larger version.
if you need help with directions, please call them at 03-77258930
(between 9am to 6pm)

By the way guys, perhaps we could have coffee here sometime.