Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Caught Amber @ Lot10

Today I was in Pavilion with Adrian to seek out something's. Time flies and it is about 5pm in the evening. It's time for us to go. We need to get back to Lot 10 since we parked our car there.

While going up using the escalator, we saw a bunch of people running up and down on a stopped escalator beside us. Weird huh... Then we heard someone says "Hello". So what! Someone says hello, what is the big deal. We turn and guess what? Who we saw? Amber Chia and a bunch of models posing for a shoot. Perhaps she was not saying "hi" to us but looking around, there is not one except us. Haha...

We manage to take a shoot from Adrian's Iphone. It's not that clear since we are not standing near.

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