Friday, October 2, 2009

Battle Ground live @ Sunway

One nice Tuesday on the 29th Sep, me and my friend was passing by the Sunway main entrance and saw the Battle Ground on air.

They are the judge.

Posting for picture.... yoo yoo...

Guys and gals are everywhere.

What then.. after that taught of going for a tea with a pal and then we bump into few of these gals. The "Miss World Malaysia 2009" was checking out some stuff in Parkson.

After tea with my friend I went for dinner with my family at Great Eastern Mall.

Daidomon Japanese Restaurant.

See, big scallop... are you hungry now?

Where the chef is preparing the Sushi.

Raw beef ready to be served and cook.

Holding down the tea pretending to served the table. I took the pot from the bar.

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