Monday, October 19, 2009

Ryan's Wedding

Congratulations to my well known and good friend Ryan Chan. The wedding day was took place on the 23rd of October and I was selected to become one of his best man.

The day starts early in the morning where we need to reach his home before the journey begin. It will be an exciting day for him. No more naughty naughty for him.

Two lovely bears laying on the wedding car.

Ryan is looking around searching for his wife.

Finally we have reached to the bride's house and what, see so many bridesmaids waiting and cheering for us... actually not. They are here to stop us before the groom gets to see his wife. To pass them, they give us few missions to do and we managed to fulfill it. That is not the case, what they want is the "Ang Pow" (red packet) with 9,999.99 and we managed to give them 10,000 Rupiah and ask them to keep the change. Do you think they will open the door for us? No, and then we end up giving them... hem... I forgot how much we have offered them.

Hey, I was caught on the act too. Nice shoot man... bravo..

"Brush brush brush, before you can enter"

Tea serving time.

Congratulations to both of them.

Here is the wedding night.

After the dinner everyone went home with a very tired face. Great job to all the best man.

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