Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Memorable moment in JAPAN@OSAKA on APRIL

Till now I still cannot forget about the beautiful and fun places of Japan. As traveler's say "roaming amongst the islands of Japan is usually seeking the exotic, or the wondrous, or the unconventional. And indeed, Japan is often so, in both the cities and along the back roads."

The Japan YOKOSO logo.

Japan, Japan, Japan... where the busy streets start. This is where we reach the first stop, it's in Osaka.

In Osaka this is where the famous place is called SHIN SAI BASHI. Busy people everywhere, the whole road fill with people including me and gal.

This is the place.

Look at the pet store, with a pink gorilla.

The famous and most of the people talk about Japan Telco, DOCOMO.

Where Japanese people like to spend their time playing Pachinko. Got to know from our tour leader that Japanese man will be hanging around the Pachinko shop or bars if they finish work early.

See, how cute and adorable they are.... I mean the puppy's with their shirts on.

That's my girl, posing and showing the Japanese rice biscuit.

This is me at the busy night street where people and vehicle moving so fast.

While walking and walking we start feeling hungry and taught of getting Ramen for our supper. Come to find out that, there is so many Ramen shop all over the places and we do not know which one to choose. Oh my god...!!!

While searching for food, come across to a cigarette machine. I try purchase one of it but fail because I'm not over 20 yet. Just kidding, it was that the machine needed an identification card to scan and to show that you are over 20 of age before you can purchase. This concept is good but if it's in Malaysia, I do not think that the machine will be there long.

This is where the spotlight is. Happening place at night where food and goods sold everywhere.

Walking and walking, felling hungry and hungry. Come to a shop selling Takoyaki and we stop by to get one of it. It is irresistible.

Finally, the place where we are waiting for. It's time for RAMEN!!!

Machine that to order the Ramen.

Ichiban ne...!!

Another nice food, fish with red bean.

A big bite. Red bean from Japan is sweet.

I do not know what it is called, was passing by so what the hack. I snap this photo.

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