Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Toy Museum @ Penang

Have you guys ever think of going to the "Toy Museum?" I did not for the first time. After getting feedback from my friends, why don't I check it out.

Finally we reach Penang came by a place where toys lovers will like it very much.

This is a few of the master piece, "Hannibal"

Remember Chucky? He will come to you...

This figure look cool where you can see the inner thing.




Taxes Chainsaw.

Tomb Rider, Lara Croft.

Something different from the rest of the figures.

Welcome to Smack Down.


Nirvana, Kurt Cobain.



Matrix, Neo.


Metal Gear Solid, Snake.

Look, there is someone spying on us....

Giant, he sings very loud and..

Star Wars.

Darth Vader.

Don't look so cool like that kid.

This is a nice picture. I like the way he stand. Looks real to me.


Alien. I like this too. Looks real too.


Pirate Of The Caribbean, Jack Sparrow.

Enjoy the show...
Need to apologize due to some picture may look reflecting. This is because the figures are covered.

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