Sunday, October 4, 2009

@ Chili's Mid Valley

I was trying with my first blog for the first time, it seams like kind of cool. Come to think of it, perhaps I could do one too...

In the evening, me and my girl was thinking where to have our dinner. Either Tony Roma's or Chili's but we end up in Chili's.

I did not bring my SLR with me today but i got my digital cam with me @ that moment. Still getting shoots.

Eat more chili... what does it mean? More chili's? Might get hotter and hotter... wow...

The entrance look.

Before that, I saw people eating. Looks nice, so I ordered it today.

Yeh, Old Timer... This is nice..

Overall, it seams that the food there are not so nice anymore. Perhaps it's the outlet problem.

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